SATEL INT-FI Fiber-Optic Interface
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INT-FI Fiber-Optic Interface

  • INTEGRA keypad and expansion buses to fiber-optic conversion
  • Support for two fiber pairs allowing modules daisy-chaining
  • Communication range between transmitter and receiver up to 2 km
  • Support for popular multimode fibers
  • High immunity to interference
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Supported also by the ACCO (RS-485)

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SATEL INT-FI Fiber-Optic Interface

The INT-FI converter is used to convert and transmit data via fiber optic cables. It provides high communication immunity to potential interference with complete galvanic separation of the connected devices. It is designed to work with the keypad / expander communication buses of INTEGRA series control panels, as well as with the RS-485 bus of ACCO access control system. INT-FI is provided with 4 sockets to connect two pairs of optical fibers as well as terminals to connect signals from three communication buses of INTEGRA control panels (one keypad bus, two expander buses) or one RS-485 bus of ACCO access control system.

Depending on the settings of jumpers on the PCB, INT-FI can work in a variety of configurations, the selected one being indicated by LEDs. Using the appropriate type of network connection (cascade) enables the transmission range to be increased by up to 4 km, the maximum distance between the two converters being 2 km.

Control panel compatibility INTEGRA
Type of expansion modules Fiber optic data converter
Power supply 12V DC
Maximum current consumption 120 mA
EN-50131 GRADE

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