Paradox 460 Vertical View Motion Detector

460 Vertical View Motion Detector

  • Adjustable lens position (0° or 10°)
  • Selectable operational voltage (12Vdc or 24Vdc)
  • Adjustable alarm signal duration
  • Detects hand-sized objects for card access applications: 2m X 1.5m (7ft X 5ft)
  • Detects body-sized objects for security applications: 6m X 4.5m (20ft X 15ft)

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Paradox 460 Vertical View Motion Detector

Paradox 460 Vertical View Motion Detector: When selecting detector location, please ensure that the Paradoor is not placed directly above or in close proximity to a heat source that could cause rapid fluctuations in detector temperature. If you are using the Paradoor for card access systems, a hand-sized movement will be accurately detected from a distance of up to 2.1 metres. For body-sized movements, the Paradoor will detect accurately up to 6.6 metres.

Opening the Detector

Prior to Surface Installation: Place a small screwdriver in the two insertion points found at the base of the detector. Gently pry off the back cover of the detector.

Following Installation: Gently pull on the lip found at the base of the detector near the lens opening. To close the detector, replace the detector cover on its base and snap it on.

Surface Mounting

Knock out the wire hole entry you wish to use and run the wire through the entry. When installing, you can vary the distance from the detector to the wall using the six spacers supplied with the Paradoor. Make sure that nothing blocks the view of the lens opening (i.e. a door frame or any other object).
The Paradoor can be mounted with a view down, up or to the side. Connect the wires using the relay output (0.15A max).
Caution: When driving high current loads like door locks, do not exceed the maximum current of 0.2 Amperes DC. When using the relay output, the maximum current should not exceed 0.15 Amperes.


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