SATEL VD-1 Vibration Detector With Magnetic Contact
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VD-1 Vibration Detector With Magnetic Contact

  • Digital vibration detector with built in independently controllable magnetic contact
  • Piezoceramics sensor
  • Sensitivitiy managemnet
  • 12 V DC/3.5÷5.4 mA

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SATEL VD-1 Vibration Detector With Magnetic Contact

VD-1 is a device that includes vibration detector and magnetic contact. It is part of the basic perimeter protection, ideally suited to secure doors or windows by detecting vibrations caused by an attempt to pry the door or window open (piezoelectric sensor) or indicating that they are open (magnetic sensor). Owing to the advanced features of processing the piezoelectric sensor signal, the vibration detector can distinguish between the natural vibrations coming from the environment (like strong gusts of wind, drafts) and those caused by an attempt to force the door or window open. Additionally, VD-1 offers control of the vibration sensor sensitivity level (to detect single strong vibrations) as well as independent setting of the number of pulses (weak vibrations), a sequence of which will cause violation of the detector.

Using the two built-in reed switches makes it possible to select the method of installation – the magnet working in conjunction with the magnetic sensor can be, depending on needs, located under the detector or at the side of it. Removing the magnet away from the selected reed switch will change the status of the detector NC alarm output, sending a signal to the control panel that the protected door, window etc. is violated.

Depending on the lighting mode, the built-in red LED provides information that the detector is sensing strong vibrations or registering weak vibrations, or that the magnetic sensor is violated, or indicates the number of pulses set for the vibration detector. The device is also provided with tamper protection which responds to opening the enclosure and tearing if off the wall.

Sensor Piezoceramic
Sensitivity Yes
Working temperature
Built-in magnetic contact Yes
Wired / Wireless Wired
Maximum current consumption 12VDC, 3.5÷5.4mA
EN-50131 GRADE
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