SATEL GRAPHITE Pet Advanced Digital Motion Detector
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GRAPHITE Pet Advanced Digital Motion Detector

  • Home pet immunity up to 15 kg
  • High quality dual element pyrosensor
  • New generation DSP and analysis algorithm
  • Precise LODIFF Frensel sealed optics
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Demotely triggered test mode
  • Alarm latch feature
  • Built-in EOL resistors

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SATEL GRAPHITE Pet Advanced Digital Motion Detector

GRAPHITE Pet is a motion detector provided with dual element PIR sensor. Owing to the use of a digital algorithm of motion detection and the temperature compensation function, the device is characterized by reliable operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures as well as high sensitivity and immunity to interference. Interchangeable Fresnel lens and three-step sensitivity control make it possible to adjust the device performance to requirements of the user and the protected premises. An additional feature is the alarm memory: the detector that has detected violation is signaling it by flashing LED, which allows quick identification of the violated partition. GRAPHITE Pet is provided with tamper protection against opening the enclosure. It also has built-in EOL resistors for easy installation and connection to the alarm system.

The main task of the detector is to detect violations in the protected area, but it can also be used to implement the functions of building automation. When the alarm system is not armed, the detector can control turning on the lights, opening or closing the doors, etc.. GRAPHITE Pet can also be successfully used in areas where there are animals weighing up to 15 kg because it is immune to their movements in the supervised partition.

PIR Dual PIR element
Sensitivity Yes
Range 90°, 18х18м
Temperature compensation Yes
Working temperature
Pet immunity Up to 15 kg
Огледална оптика
Outdoor installation IP
Wired / Wireless Wired
Maximum current consumption 12VDC, 11mA.
EN-50131 GRADE Grade 2
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