SATEL DG-1 ME Methane Detector
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DG-1 ME Methane Detector

  • Digital signal analysis
  • Optical and acoustical indication of threshold concentration detection
  • Low current consumption
  • Full autodiagnostics
  • Pre-alarm feature
  • Yellow LED indicator

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SATEL DG-1 ME Methane Detector

DG-1 ME is a microprocessor-based detector of natural gas (methane). It is recommended that you install it in areas where leakage of methane is likely to occur, i.e. at heating equipment, cookers or ovens supplied with this gas (in boiler rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), as well as at gas connections and gas meters. Due to the nature of methane, which is lighter than air, the detector should be mounted high, just under the ceiling of the supervised room. The digital algorithm of gas detection and the function of temperature compensation ensure correct operation over a wide range of ambient temperatures as well as immunity to false alarms. The device detects dangerous methane concentrations in the room, i.e. above the 20% threshold level of the so-called lower explosive limit (10% for pre-alarm), and triggers alarm. With the built-in buzzer and yellow LED, the DG-1 ME detector can operate as a standalone detection/alarm device, but it is also suitable for work as part of the alarm system. The self-diagnostic function is constantly monitoring the gas sensor for supply voltage status as well as correct performance, which ensures reliable operation of the detector.


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