Bosch AMS-BASE-LITE30 Lite license

AMS-BASE-LITE30 Lite license

  • Combines high-end access control features, performance and availability with intuitive operation
  • Highly scalable: From 1000 to 200,000 users, and from 32 to 10,000 doors
  • Easy to use: Intuitive GUI for maps and alarm viewer, and web-based visitor management
  • Easy to configure: Pre-packaged licenses, simple installation and set-up
  • Comprehensive security management: Integrates with intrusion and video systems
  • Robust and Secure: Multi-level architecture for system reliability, comprehensive data security and privacy protection

458.10  excl. VAT

Key Specifications

LITE Licensed number, Maximum number
Number of doors (with 1 or 2 readers): 16 , 144
Number of cards: 1000 , 200,000
Number of divisions: 1 , 400
Number of clients configurable: 1 , 2
Number of MACs 1 , 1
Number of AMCs Maximum 125 per MAC Up to 60 (on the network) recommended for high performance
Number of authorizations Maximum 1024 per MAC
Number of guard tours 50
SDK available
BVMS integration available
Intrusion integration Maximum number of Bosch B Series (Bx512) and G Series (Bx512G) control panels: for command and control: 25 for central user management: 50


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1 Basic license for AMS Lite
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